The Birth of Poteau: A History of Poteau, OK.

The Birth of Poteau is a book that chronicles the history of Poteau from it's early days through the Roaring 20's.

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The Birth of Poteau


During the late 1880's, Poteau was a thriving town located in Southeast Oklahoma. The Birth of Poteau tells the story of these early days in a way that brings the story of Poteau to life.

This book contains over 300 photos and illustrations showing the early days of Poteau, as well as a plethora of old stories, newspaper clippings, and biographies. With more than 400 pages, The Birth of Poteau represents one of the most extensive collections of Poteau's history available to date.

In addition to the history of Poteau, the reader will learn much about the great state of Oklahoma and how Poteau played a role in world affairs.

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